Burning Barbie: How You Can and Must Change To Save Your Child’s Life

Burning Barbie

Burning Barbie

It’s not about Barbie, really. It is about creating a point-of-view in your own family, not just a lifestyle but LIFE.

If you give your daughter a Barbie doll instead of a baby doll, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

If you stop at McDonalds because you are hurried, hungry and harrassed, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

Here’s the Good news!  It works both ways!

If you take a walk every day instead of (or at least before) sitting down to watch television or use the computer, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

If you take the challenge to lose your first 10 pounds and follow through with the plan day by day, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

Obesity is killing people worldwide and your children are following in your footsteps down whatever path you choose. Every time I lose 10 pounds with Project 10, I also help someone else because Visalus is donating to help others do the same.

Change your Life. Take the Challenge to Lose Your First 10 pounds. Set an Example to your child and Help other children at the same time with the Project 10 Challenge.

I decided to lose my first 10 pounds with the Project 10 Challenge so I could start living the life I really want to live and show my children what I value. Life. Health. Prosperity. You can, too!

LIFE. A community, building quality relationships and creative,
memorable experiences.

HEALTH. A platform, combining the right products, programs,
and support for lasting personal transformation.

PROSPERITY. A path, delivering freedom and financial
independence through the value we bring to others, while
doing our part to give back.

I am looking for people who want to help me and someone I can help, too. Is it going to be you?

Please watch my Project 10 Challenge video to learn more, then go to this website to start Your Challenge today.

Julie Challenges YOU on the Project 10 Challenge.

Julie Ashley: Challenge Accepted


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