Essential Equipment Introduction

Do I have a Martha Stewart kitchen? No. My stove broiler doesn’t work. My spoons and forks are in painted tomato sauce cans, the cooking utensils are in a garage sale crock. My daughter boils our water for tea in another ten cent pot. My cast iron skillets, crockpots and my stockpot were “safety awards” my husband let me choose from his catalog

I don’t have many appliances. The breadmaker I got for Christmas was destroyed in the house fire (2004) as was the ricemaker I got off the bargain returns rack at Wal-Mart. We don’t have a dishwasher… ahem, an automatic dishwasher. There are, of course, plenty of hands to wash dishes although it can be a challenge with one sink and so many people using dishes.

“Hineni.”  Here I am. Writing a newsletter about cooking and housekeeping.

In this space, I’d like us to discuss some equipment for your kitchen. We’ll talk about the essentials and how to get them. Providentially sometimes– Remember, less stuff means less cleaning so we won’t bother telling you about useless gadgets.

But their are some things that are worth the investments. We’ll discuss what those items are and clever ways to obtain them. I especially like items that can do double duty. Remember, I have a lot of mouths to feed so I won’t steer you wrong.

If you have suggestions for this column, please write and send my your review. We can help each other.

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Essential Equipment category

This category will contain posts that are related to equipment that I consider to be essential to the kitchen. The free dictionary defines essential as ” Basic or indispensable; necessary” and equipment as “a set of tools, devices, kit, etc., assembled for a specific purpose.”

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