1.2..3…4…. BREAD

Enjoy Fresh Bread

Enjoy Fresh Bread

This Lady of Leisure is all about the EASY way to do ANYTHING. Lazy is the true mother of invention. So here is my Super Easy Lazy Leisurely Bread. No Kneading…at all. Really.

1 tsp salt -plain old Great Value Iodized Salt
2 tsp yeast -Fleischmann’s Instant Dry Yeast. I bought it in a 2-pack at Sam’s Club for about $4
3 TBS sugar – Crystal Sugar that I buy at Sam’s Club in the 10 pound bag
4 cups bread flour – I buy Bakers & Chef’s bread flour at Sam’s Club, too.

The flour is sifted straight into my big stainless steel bowl. Because the sifter holds 2 cups, I fill it twice and sift it into the bowl and stick the sifter right back in the bag to store it.

Add 1, 2 & 3 to the flour. Boil 1/2 cup water. Add to 1 1/2 cups cold water. Use a plastic spatula and stir the water into the flour mixture. Stir until it’s all wet and then cover with a cloth in a warm spot and wait. Meanwhile butter your loaf pans. We use Blue Bonnet sticks at room temperature.

Bread Ingredients and Tools and Equipment

Bread Ingredients and Tools and Equipment

Put a little oatmeal in the bottom of your loaf pans if you have trouble with the bread sticking. It will pop right out!
In about an hour, divide the dough into your two loaf pans. I just cut it with the plastic spatula about in the middle and roll each section into each pan. Cover again. In about another 30 minutes to an hour, put into the preheated 425 oven. Turn it down to 350 in 15 minutes. Then another 15 minutes and its done.

Everything's Better with Blue Bonnet On it

Everything’s Better with Blue Bonnet On it

Take a stick of blue bonnet and rub it all over the entire surface of your bread loaves. Turn them out onto a rack and wait as long as you can stand it.

Cut and enjoy. I dip it in honey. I eat it with butter.
I just sit and smile at it because it really IS that easy.

Burning Barbie: How You Can and Must Change To Save Your Child’s Life

Burning Barbie

Burning Barbie

It’s not about Barbie, really. It is about creating a point-of-view in your own family, not just a lifestyle but LIFE.

If you give your daughter a Barbie doll instead of a baby doll, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

If you stop at McDonalds because you are hurried, hungry and harrassed, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

Here’s the Good news!  It works both ways!

If you take a walk every day instead of (or at least before) sitting down to watch television or use the computer, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

If you take the challenge to lose your first 10 pounds and follow through with the plan day by day, you show her what you value regardless of your intentions.

Obesity is killing people worldwide and your children are following in your footsteps down whatever path you choose. Every time I lose 10 pounds with Project 10, I also help someone else because Visalus is donating to help others do the same.

Change your Life. Take the Challenge to Lose Your First 10 pounds. Set an Example to your child and Help other children at the same time with the Project 10 Challenge.

I decided to lose my first 10 pounds with the Project 10 Challenge so I could start living the life I really want to live and show my children what I value. Life. Health. Prosperity. You can, too!

LIFE. A community, building quality relationships and creative,
memorable experiences.

HEALTH. A platform, combining the right products, programs,
and support for lasting personal transformation.

PROSPERITY. A path, delivering freedom and financial
independence through the value we bring to others, while
doing our part to give back.

I am looking for people who want to help me and someone I can help, too. Is it going to be you?

Please watch my Project 10 Challenge video to learn more, then go to this website to start Your Challenge today.

Julie Challenges YOU on the Project 10 Challenge.

Julie Ashley: Challenge Accepted


Visalus and Project 10

How Vi Project 10 Helps

Three Pillars: Life, Health, Prosperity.

Life. Health. Prosperity.

Life. Health. Prosperity.

Life. Health. Prosperity.

Agreement is important in the Kingdom. Jesus himself said, ‘That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

When I downloaded the Visalus Compensation Plan Book, I was very glad to find that their three pillars aligned with my goals and the goals for the Moms-Survival-Guide website, too.

LIFE. A community, building quality relationships and creative,
memorable experiences.

FAMILY and FRIENDS are very important to me. As defined in the Visalus pillars, LIFE means a community, building quality relationships and creative, memorable experiences. To me, that sounds exactly like the goal I have for my family and my friends, both personal and professional. Visalus lines up with what I try to share with YOU here.

In our Ashley Family Ministries’ Partnership brochure, created years ago, Allen and I explained our goal:

We believe that by helping strengthen relationships, we can create opportunities to influence, and thereby help spread the Gospel of Salvation. We want to bless you as we combine our resources to help build families and relationships, spread the gospel, and teach the Word of Life.

HEALTH. A platform, combining the right products, programs,
and support for lasting personal transformation.

My family has struggled to survive both physically and financially –due to HEALTH issues this last few years. It has reinforced my already strong desire to ensure that we are eating well, maintaining balance and taking care of ourselves so that we can thrive. Visalus is helping me to meet my weight and fitness goals as well as giving me an opportunity to share that success with others here and on Facebook. Visalus has indeed become a platform for lasting personal transformation.

PROSPERITY. A path, delivering freedom and financial
independence through the value we bring to others, while
doing our part to give back.

The Visalus leadership is taking strong definite steps to develop the Visalus community. They have taken the initiative to bring in experienced professional speakers to help teach success principles to everyone who gets involved. Best selling author and world renowned Leadership Expert John C. Maxwell is working with Visalus co-founders to teach us how to give back value every day and I am proud to be a part of this group as I continue to work to provide for my family, both financially and spiritually.

LIFE. HEALTH. PROSPERITY. It is my firm belief that my Father and my God has led me to be exactly where I am. God has a plan for my life. He has a plan for your life. Trust Him. After all, we call Him, The Way.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Challenge Accepted! My name is Julie Ashley and I live in Sterlington, Louisiana and I have been challenged by Elizabeth Sharplin to lose my first ten pounds on the Project 10 Challenge. Now I am challenging you!”

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Discovering the Vi-Life

Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a Rut

My weight appeared to be stuck at 155 pounds. Mama, on the other hand, appeared to be shrinking. Her friends, Ken and Ginny were using a weight loss program to get healthy and improve their lives: Visalus.

My sister, Shannon, had joined them and now Mom had decided to try the Visalus challenge to break a plateau she’d been struggling with for years. Shannon came by to record Mom’s Visalus Challenge 10 video while I was there getting ready for work. (Mama and I pray to meet goals at work and also for co-workers and family members.) Now I was really interested.

Mom let me taste one of her Visalus shakes. The Visalus shake mix smells delicious. It even says on the package, the shake mix that tastes like cake mix. With Mom’s coconut milk, Visalus tastes really, really sweet. I thought it was sugary. Visalus shake mix has NO after taste so I guess that’s what fooled me. There is absolutely no aftertaste unless you count Mama’s tropical milk starter.

Mom drinks her Visalus with coconut milk due to her gluten allergies and esophageal yeast. I always drink regular milk. No problem. Mom says. You can mix Visalus with milk. I guess you mean NON fat, huh? I said. Well. You lose weight faster if you use non fat. So I bring a jug of non fat milk back to her house.

We also talk about using it with coffee and chocolate flavorings. Mom let me use her Ninja to mix my Visalus shake with non fat milk and a spoon of cocoa powder. It was delicious. I think that I will get some bananas to add and drink another shake on the way home. Replace two meals a day, Mom said, plus a regular healthy meal and healthy snacking.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

First thing that I really noticed during my work day was that I was not hungry. I have been trying to eat oatmeal every day for lunch because I had heard it would reduce sugar cravings and hunger pangs but it just wasn’t doing the job. I wasn’t hungry at work at all so no more sneaking sugary sodas or snacks. And I wasn’t hungry when I got home either. Wow. I like that a lot.

Mom and I mixed the Visalus shake using cocoa powder, a banana, and non fat milk. It’s going to be easy to enjoy my drinks each day. The most exciting thing about it is that it is not exciting. No major lifestyle changes suddenly. Right now, I am not hungry and I am not hunting a sweet snack to ease a craving. That’s a great start.

Later, I will share how The Three Pillars fit right in here at

Challenge Accepted! My name is Julie Ashley and I live in Sterlington, Louisiana and I have been challenged by Elizabeth Sharplin to lose my first ten pounds on the Project 10 Challenge. Now I am challenging you!”

* Disclaimer: Visalus will give me special deals if you become a customer using my links. PLEASE Click here to use MY LINKS and become a Customer. Pretty Please. {smiley face}

Feed the Body: Beef and Broccoli

oriental vegetables, frozen (use 1/2 but not seasoning)
broccoli florets, frozen (use 2 of 4 bags inside)
beef and broccoli mix (4)
soy sauce
angus roast beef deli meat, thinly sliced (use 1/2 package, sliced)

Steam rice in rice-maker. Steam oriental vegetables on stove. Steam florets in microwave. Slice meat on a plate. Pour vegetables in giant stainless steel bowl.
Mix b&b packets with water and soy sauce. Heat in cast iron skillet. Add meat at end (2 minutes tops) Pour over veggies in bowl.
Put rice and Beef & Broccoli on table. Give Thanks and Chow down.

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The Soda Rules

1. Never take the last one.
2. You may have one soda a day. Don’t ask.
3. You may not have more than one soda a day. Don’t ask.
4. If you share a soda, you may share another soda the same day.

Klondike Cherry JuliaLee (Jubilee)

”]Klondike Cherries Julia Lee

Don’t get mad, Bob Harper! This is what I love to eat during my obsessive watching of The Biggest Loser. ROFLOL. I’m not joking. I call it the JuliaLee because it sounds like Jubilee and this dessert dish makes me feel free- even though it’s NOT good for me, calorie-wise.

We go out walking BIKING

Julie on Bike Smiling

Just Shut Up, Smile and Bike

My journeys to the library have improved my stamina, balance, and, especially, my disposition! We ride in the wind, we ride in the rain.

It’s 2.5 miles from our door to the Sterlington Memorial Library driveway. We have improved our time to 25 minutes. You may think that’s nothing for those teens of mine. Pretty good for a gal who just turned fifty. Hey, it is “No Excuses” season on Biggest Loser.

Bob Harper, you would be so proud of me. When the railroad track grabbed my bike tire and flung me to the ground, I landed on my knee. Since the track is at the top of a hill, I was working a bit harder, putting my weight into peddling… KapOWWi. The tire hit the metal, slid into the groove and just followed the rut.

Sandy had done the same thing a few days ago so now we have matching boo-boos and I’m a lot more sympathetic.

Busted Knee

Yuk! That's not pretty.

Yuk! That’s not pretty. Matt was my chaperone so he helped me to my feet. I got back on my bike and we still made that 2.5 miles in 20 minutes. “Why are you crying, Julie?” “I’m NOT, Bob!

Julie on a Bicycle

Mom Riding Bike

We haven’t been doing this for that long but it is already making me feel better. Not just physically but mentally, spiritually! So if you pass us on Keystone, slow down a little, smile and wave. I’ll try to wave back but if I cannot take my hands off the handlebars, I’ll SMILE back at ya!

Duck eggs, Worm farms, Aquaponics, Baby chicks

Yesterday we collected another duck egg and moved the duck tractor to the right side of the property where the tool shed and pear tree could shade it and the ducks could eat the weeds growing beside the new compost bin. Duck Tractor Moved

We also went by Tractor supply and purchased seven red pullets. Actually two of the chicks are black and five are yellow. There appear to be three breeds as you might be able to tell from the pictures. We also got one bag of Dumore Chick Starter Grower 20%, the same unmedicated feed we bought for the ducks last year. Seven Chicks

We stopped by Mama’s house before church so we could show her the chicks. She had been to get the worms and gave me the worms and the worm farm filled with worm castings so I could divide them and make more worm farms. Worm Farm

Although I purchased a four outlet air pump and six air stones, that is as far as I’ve gotten on the aquaponics until we find barrels and get money for pvc fittings. I’m really looking forward to getting that going so I can have a tomatoes and lettuce shelf as I love salads.

Homesteading has been added as a category to my blog so I can tell you what’s going on with our sustainibilty efforts.

Sustainability is defined by the online Meriam Webster Dictionary as

  1: capable of being sustained
2a : of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
b : of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods

So our goal is to be able to harvest or use the resources our Heavenly Father has given us in such a way so that they are not depleted or permanently damaged. We want to make this a lifestyle choice and not just a hobby or amusement.

Crawfish Soup Supper Tomorrow

Crawfish Soup Ingredients

1 stick margarine
2 TBS flour
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 small yellow onion, diced

Melt the margarine in a large skillet.
Add flour and whisk constantly over meidum high heat until lightly brown, for a medium roux.
Add onions and cook 2-3 minutes, until the yellow onion pieces are clear and very lightly browned.

1 quart half and half
2 15 ounce cans cream style corn
1 15 ounce can whole kernel corn
2 cans Cream of Potato soup

Add half and half, corn and potato soup.

Zatarains Concentrated Shrimp and Crab Boil (liquid)
Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning
2 12 ounce bags Crawfish Tail Meats (Please use Louisiana products.)

Add crawfish tail meats, crab boil and Tony Chacheres  and simmer 30 minutes.

Serve inside nice big bread bowls, over rice, or, my favorite way, over boiled potatoes.

This is 100% better if made 24-48 hours before serving but it never lasts that long at my house unless I make it when absolutely no one is here (including me) and HIDE  it! ROFLOL

To my non-resident sons and daughters: I’d save you a bowl but… you know!