Critical Thinking 2

As I mentioned in my last post, A.C.E.S. is going to add the study of Critical Thinking to our curriculum this year. After watching the video I posted of Dr. Sadler, I am having the students read a printout (or online) the following page at University of Pittsburgh:

Critical Thinking

This year A.C.E.S. will do a study on Critical Thinking. It has been on my mind since Leon started to college and complained about how much he was missing in this area. He reads and thinks well but we have done no formal lessons. So in keeping with our Moms Survival Guide motto of Always Thinking about Thinking, we will launch into informal Formal Studies of Critical Thinking, Argumentation, etc.

This study path was initiated when I received a sale catalog for I did a search for reviews and for each of the professors teaching the classes I was interested in purchasing. I did a search for reviews of The Great Courses, formally known as The Teaching Company, and followed several of the links. I also did a search for several of the names of the teachers of the videos I am interested in purchasing. That led to watching a really good video on YouTube by a professor at Fayettville State University.

Here is a link to both:
The Great Courses
Dr. Sadler

The Soda Rules

1. Never take the last one.
2. You may have one soda a day. Don’t ask.
3. You may not have more than one soda a day. Don’t ask.
4. If you share a soda, you may share another soda the same day.

Self-Soothing a.k.a. Why I Won’t Entertain My Children

Many people have told me that my well-behaved children are a credit to me. It would be better said that they are a credit to themselves. One of the many things I learned from using the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculumfor so many years is NOT to sit over my children and make them do things. This is even more important when what they are doing is being entertained.

Sandy Freaking Ashley

Sandy Freaking Ashley

Some parents may feel the need to entertain their children some or most of the time. That is not my feeling at all. Since most of my childhood was spent entertaining myself, usually with books, and most of our home school time is spent teaching ourselves by reading or watching something educational on the computer or television, it is only natural that during our entertainment time, the children should also be auto-didactic.

Autodidact (from


noun \ˌȯ-tō-ˈdī-ˌdakt, -dī-ˈ, -də-ˈ\ : a self-taught person

au·to·di·dac·tic adjective


Greek autodidaktos self-taught, from aut- + didaktos taught, from didaskeinto teach

First Known Use: 1748

The children often entertain themselves the same way we do: reading books, surfing to favorite websites, playing games, or watching television. Just like me, they also have their own special hobbies.

Not entertaining the children does not mean abandoning them without any direction or resources. If I have old stuff (“junk”), I often offer it to the nearest person. Often I will point them toward an activity they have enjoyed in the past or something new I think they may like to try but just as often they invent creative ways all by themselves to enjoy their own special skills.

Sandy, for instance, loves to draw, organize and decorate. She also loves quotes, sayings and poems. Sandy has turned her whole room into a piece of art by organizing her many creations and  displaying them.

Sandy's Canvas

Sandy's Canvas

My son, Leon, used to do this, too. Once I went into his room and was startled to discover several everyday items attached to his ceiling in a very creative and beautiful way.

Doozy's Dolls

Doozy's Dolls

When my oldest daughter Melissa was just able to sit up, she would take a small string and twirl it into swirls for hours. Nowadays, even though she is nearly thirty, she still makes beautiful swirls but on paper with felt tip markers.

My daughter, Holly, taught herself to sew. Since she had no patterns, she would take an item of clothing and rip it apart at the seams. Then, with fabric from discarded clothing or linens, she created her own unique clothing lines – just for herself.

My youngest daughter has taken after my oldest by creating her own toys with everyday resources. She has always created dolls and toys from twist ties and paper. This is beneficial to me as well since there is no additional cost. A few toilet paper rolls and old cereal boxes can keep her busy for quite a while.

All my children developed creative ways to spend their time and often were very resourceful. AJ created a sculpture from discarded metal. Thomas needed nothing more than something to write with and on. Matt leaned toward music and, like his brothers, taught himself to play drums and a guitar. Sarah develops witty inventions, like her junkyard catapult.

So the next time you feel the need to find your children something to do… Don’t. I promise that they can do it themselves!

Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart.
(Proverbs 29:17 ESV)

AJ's Bike

AJ's Bike

Teen Assignment

Parasha: Re’eh

Find the Torah Portions website at First Fruits of Zion.

Read the Torah Portion.

Write ONE printable page.

Be sure the page has your name and the date.

Also include the TITLE of the READING as you will do this assignment every week.



Handwriting Practice: DEMI Criterion-Referenced Skill Development Readiness Workbook A Page 14
At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child!
Digraphs: Ch Wh Th Sh
Sight Family:

    • b -ow
    • c -ow
    • h -ow
    • n -ow
    • s -ow
    • ch -ow
    • -ow l
    • h -ow l
    • w -ow

AVKO Sequential Spelling 1 for Home Study Learning
Lesson 1

      • in
      • pin
      • sin
      • spin

Saxon Math Facts Practice

Addition Facts, Highest Number: 5, Number of Problems: 30, Timed: 2 minutes. BEST TIME 1:24 all correct

de-cluttering, books, providential giving

It is time to de-clutter our home and get out of C.H.A.O.S. Yes, that is a (FlyLady reference.) There are boxes in every room containing a variety of unused and unusable items. So I just need to dispose of this stuff so I can go on with life!

It is difficult for me to dispose of books. They become “friends” to me and I find it hard to say good-bye. Some books are beyond use or not fit to give away (due to dirt, grime, age) so I am re-cycling them into “Book Hill”—literally burying them in the back yard in a low spot to build it up.

Some of the still useable books could be passed on to local homeschoolers*. Here is a link to a list of these books. I’ll put them in a plastic grocery sack and if you are interested, email me. Absolutely no returns! haha

Bye Bye Books List  PLEASE put Bye Bye Books in the SUBJECT or your email will probably be deleted as Spam.

Write Me 

* Local means we must be able to meet with you or leave them somewhere in the Sterlington, Farmerville, or Monroe, Louisiana region to give you the books UNLESS you are willing to pay postage. AGAIN… no returns! haha