Humidifier- Crockpot

Tony Road Pecan Harvest

Tony Road Pecan Harvest

The cold weather sneaks up on me at the end of each October, showing up at my door and then running away, like the neighborhood children.

When it does stop by our house for an extended period, I like to put out my crockpots to keep the air warm AND moist. The moisture seems to make the heat stay in the room longer and it definitely keeps our noses from being dried out.

The crockpots are filled and left on low with the lid off. The warm setting keeps me from having to worry that they will slosh and burn a passer-by or empty too fast. Add a little lemon zest or cinnamon, depending on whether you want to wake up or sleep in.

Happy Harvest: Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. KJV

Landscape Timber Structures: Corrals

Fenced In Fig Tree

She Ain't Goin' NOWHERE now!

It looks like I am trying to keep that fig tree from escaping. This creative structure is actually my way to corral the Laying Ladies as they work on the ground, weeding and tilling around my beautiful Fig Tree.

In keeping with my “NO EXCUSES” policy of maintaining my home and property- as well as dealing with what life hands me- I use these timbers in a non-destructive way- meaning I don’t nail them together but stack them carefully.

The Ladies can and sometimes do escape this sturdy corral. In general, they stay where I put them as long as the corral is at least 5 timbers high. Lower than that, they seem to think of it as a roost and hop on and then over it. At five high, they stay in place and work where I put them.

duck and chicken under fig tree

IchaBIRD Crane- the headless birds

In this next image, they seem to have lost their heads. In reality, they are just intent on their chores: removing pests and tilling up the compost around this fruit tree.

Working Women, Part Two

Chickens Weeding Olive Tree

Chickens Weeding Olive Tree

The Laying Ladies have been doing more than laying this week. After finishing up the weeding around the peach tree, my helpful hens started around the olive tree. These girls never slack off. Wet or Dry, they are out there scratching out a living. My youngest daughter stands by with her shepherd’s staff to gently prod any ladies that try to move off in the wrong direction but these ladies are too intent on the job at hand, duh, at foot(?) to be bothered with running away. They are such a blessing to me.

Gifts from the Laying Ladies

Laying Ladies Gift Card

Laying Ladies Gift Card

God says He gives seed to the sower and He multilplies that seed. It is with great thanksgiving to God that I share that the Laying Ladies are providing me with gifts to give. The ladies count:

  • October 31: 6
  • November 2: 6
  • November 6: 7
  • November 8: 6

One of the ladies has been giving an Extra Large egg. My large egg carton space barely holds it in place. The new layers give smaller eggs (two shown) to start. We feed the ladies scraps from the kitchen with 2 cups of layer feed that we buy at S&J in West Monroe.

Organic Eggs from Happy Hens

Organic Eggs from Happy Hens

The little card is my own and uses a simple drawing I created for the Family Almanac I am designing. The verse is Second Corinthians 9:8.

And God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.

2 Corinthians 9:8

2 Corinthians 9:8

Poulty, Corn, Children

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ashley, Senior

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ashley, Senior

We’re growing well around here. The corn is up high enough to have little green worms. I’ve just been looking for holy (ha ha) leaves, locating the little tiny green caterpillars and tossing them into the laying ladies.

The girls also like it when I bring the compost out and dump it. They are like garbage disposals with wings and legs. They eat ANYTHING! The girls also like it when I thin the corn, which was growing WAY too close together (Mr. Ashley insisted I put 3 kernels in each spot… he didn’t believe me when I told him ALL my plants grow well-I pray for every plant.) I throw the pulled up stalks in there and the squawking starts. It’s so much fun to watch them snatching the leaf and running around playing chase with it.

The corn stalks will give the ladies shade as well as snacks. I haven’t gotten the sunflowers planted on the end but I will try to get that done really soon. Join me at Freedom Gardens Forum so I can find some more people there from Louisiana. Here’s that link:

With the three grandchildren, the household size is up to nine again: seven children and two adults. School (public and home) is out and so we have to get children ready to go to various camps. We are still running into town three or four days a week with family visitations, library trips and, our favorite, church.

I’m reading First Peter this week and also I am meditating: Oppression Vs. Submission.

Oppression says: You will do this. Submission says: I will do this.
I do not want to oppress others, adults or children. I do want to submit to the Holy Spirit.

April 15 Corn

Corn Peeking Out
The corn stalks are peeking up out of the earth. The tilled ground was very soft and it rained a LOT last night so when I stepped too close, I sank to my ankle and left a puddle behind. It would have been better to draw a little line with my finger instead of poking a hole to put in the 3 kernels while planting. Then the plants could be lined up instead of bunched but no worries. 33 hills of 3 stalks of corn. Praise the Lord!
Seven Laying Ladies Roosting
The Seven Laying Ladies have learned to roost!
Sharing is Fun
They love the poultry run even though they have to share it with Duckling One and Two.